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I’d like to share this new song with you. It’s the 9th track from an album I’m creating.

A reassuring song about the world evolving during these difficult times. Recognising the challenge of staying mindful and the importance of loving kindness to one another. 

A new talk offering guidance on how to substitute over-thinking and stress with peacefully allowing ourselves to be guided by spirit. Helpful to the mind and the world in times of change, chaos and uncertainty. 

Richard Anderson is an all-round great guy, an awakening coach, spiritual author and blogger. I spent a day with him and his lovely family in Devon, UK. He interviewed me about my first book Being Present.

Key Topics

Two modes of the mind
How the book came aboutInfluences of Eckhart Tolle
The history of being
Integration of different teachings
How religions and philosophies have different emphasis’ and strengths
Using spiritual practice to achieve a peaceful mind
Different ways to cultivate a peaceful mind
Planned and spontaneous practiceIs everybody awakened?
Is comparing people spiritually delusional?
Is Presence there all the time?
Do we share our essence of Presence?
Who is the book Being Present for?
Why do you need spiritual practice when you’re awake anyway?
Do you degrade spiritually without practice?
How is spiritual practice similar to exercise?
How is suffering used to help us evolve?
Is it OK to be fearful of pain and suffering?
What happens when we coast spiritually?
What are the 7 guidelines to cultivate peace and kindness?

It was a delight to interview Gary Hill. Now here’s a man who’s transforming his life through mindfulness. It’s inspiring how much progress he’s made in the short space of a few months. And I feel honoured and grateful to be a part of his journey. I hope you enjoy listening to our discussion!

I’m excited to be writing an album of spiritual songs during 2019 titled “Do It While You Can”. Here’s the studio version of the first song – “Listen”. Many thanks and credits to Josh from Attic Studios, Poole, UK who patiently and skilfully mixed and produced the audio.

Acceptance is a key part of  mindfulness practice. This talk was originally broadcast on Facebook Live (video link here) explains what acceptance is and how to cultivate more of it.

I’ve set an intention for 2019 to write an album of spiritual songs. Here’s the first – “Listen” – and here are the lyrics…

Listen, you’ll hear me
Quiet, in silence
Together, I’ll be there
And one – is always

There’s a space in your mind
Allowing you to be kind
And it’s peace that lives there
A gentle hum connecting you to the one
And your thoughts all disappear

Through breathing, you’ll know it
Your breathing, there’s space there
Relaxing, you’ll find me
You’re conscious, connected

There’s a space in your mind
Allowing you to be kind
And it’s peace that lives there
A gentle hum connecting you to the one
And your thoughts all disappear

Listen, listen, you’ll hear me

Practical guidance on mindfulness and being in the present moment. I introduce the Two Modes of the Mind: “Lost in thought” and “Being Present”. One of the main goals of spiritual practice is to move from the former to the latter. The practical Four A’s framework (Awareness, Acceptance, Appropriate Action) is then introduced showing the two paths that lead from the two modes of the mind.

It was an honour to share the teachings from my new book “Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness” in this talk and Q&A. Here are some of the content highlights:

* Why I believe bookstores are important
* “The Process” – The infinite process we’re all part of
* How we impact each other
* Separating ourselves from others
* We can’t prove this existence is real
* Dreams
* Are we part of a simulation?
* “The Process” has Guidelines
* The truth in religion and philosophy
* Consequences of causing harm
* Why “bad” things happen to “good” people
* How to embrace the “good” stuff and accept the “bad” stuff
* Mindfulness+ is mindfulness plus the spiritual dimension
* How “The Process” corrects you
* What happens when you don’t learn lessons
* How to deal with unskilful people
* The 7 Guidelines:
1. Honour the body
2. Be present, bringing awareness and acceptance into every moment
3. Act with kindness
4. Understand the truth and communicate it skilfully
5. Do only what needs to be done
6. Harmoniously obtain and retain only what you need
7. Apply the guidelines to your digital device usage
This talk was held at Pages Bookstore in Detroit. Thank you so much to Erin Gold for making this possible.