Mindfulness Online Training


I’d like to share this new song with you. It’s the 9th track from an album I’m creating.

A reassuring song about the world evolving during these difficult times. Recognising the challenge of staying mindful and the importance of loving kindness to one another. 

I’ve selected 11 resources that I feel are most relevant from the Mindfulness Online Training web site and podcast. A range of meditations, talks, articles and songs that will help you find peace and strength over the coming weeks.

A new talk offering guidance on how to substitute over-thinking and stress with peacefully allowing ourselves to be guided by spirit. Helpful to the mind and the world in times of change, chaos and uncertainty. 

Grounding meditation to cultivate strength, peace, hope, faith and kindness during the Coronavirus pandemic. Begins with gentle breath awareness followed by a loving kindness meditation. Designed to help you transition skilfully through challenging times.