Use this podcast to help you understand the truth in all situations and enjoy a more peaceful mind. Life’s stressful when we’re deluded! Here are the highlights…”Understanding the Truth – Communicating it Skilfully & Selectively” is one of the 7 Guidelines from the book “Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness”.Determining the truth is important because when we’re aligned with the truth we are in tune with how things are and can be psychologically at peace. The truth -> Peaceful Mind.When we’re deluded it causes psychological stress. We end up becoming lost in thought, lose our mindfulness and become unskilful.  Delusion -> Stressed Mind.Determining the truth is also about being comfortable with not knowing.We can observe our minds and coach ourselves to ensure that we have the right view and understand the truth of what’s going on.This helps us to stay mindful. Being mindful helps us to understand the truth.A simple technique that can be used to determine the truth from the Yoga Sutras of PatanjaliMethod 1 – Direct Perception – You know that something is true because you directly perceive it. It’s based on acknowledging facts. E.g. you feel wind on your face so you know it’s windy.Method 2 – Inference – Using evidence and reasoning to confirm the truth. They must be simple and straightforward to understand. E.g. there are puddles outside everywhere, so we can infer that it’s been raining.Method 3 – Using a Trusted Source – Believing in information provided by somebody or something that you trust. E.g. a cyclist specialist you trust tells you that you need a new chain, so you know that’s the truth.It’s only when one of these methods apply can we say we’ve determined the truth.It’s often worth waiting a little while for more evidence to be presented to you before believing something.