I was delighted to learn that my ‘7 Principles of Conscious Digital Usage’ were featured on the front page and in a three page article within the Jan/Feb edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine​.

The speed at which digital device usage has spread is phenomenal. Many of us are spending hours of our time each day using these devices – usually looking at screens. When you use digital devices consciously, you can be at peace with them and enjoy their benefits. You can use them in a way that is aligned with your spiritual practice.

Here are ‘The Seven Principles of Conscious Digital Device Usage’:

1. Only use a device when it’s really needed
2. Stay mindful during device usage
3. Be kind to your body during device usage
4. Communicate selectively, truthfully and skillfully during device usage
5. Have time away from your devices every day
6. Take opportunities for real human contact
7. Accept that digital device usage is part of life.