What would happen if you added absolutely nothing to this moment? And if you would be totally ok with it?….Let’s experience it right now.. exactly this moment, with what you are doing, not doing, or supposed to be doing. STOP! And let it be and happen. For a couple of seconds at least, stop judging anything and observe just as it is, comes and goes…Try for 2-5 seconds to start with, after that the mind will kick in again, that’s fine, with practise you will manage longer

“Who am I?”  is not such an easy question. The mind will try to by-pass this question in anyway it can. The mind really doesn’t like the insecure feeling that this question brings up. The implication of the question “Who am I?” can only be that you apparently aren’t what you thought you were. It implies you haven’t figured it all out at least. The mind likes to know, the unknown is scary……

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