Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to gain freedom from suffering? The good news is that I’m about to share how we can do just that through discovering five truths…

There is an inner freedom that expresses as happiness and peace, and it is accessible when we arrive in openhearted presence. As the Buddha said, If it were not possible to find liberation, I would not teach about it.

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‘Difficult’ people are presented to us for all sorts of reasons; including to test how mindful we are. The universe likes doing this and carefully hand picks these people!

Difficult people trigger our egos, which in turn creates unpleasant feelings in our bodies. This can then lead to unskilful thoughts, communication and even physical action. How can we maintain a peaceful mind and stay grounded and confident during these difficult times? Here are five tips that can help…

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Describes benefits 11-14, from the 18 benefits of mindfulness. More content on benefits to follow in future podcasts.