What would happen if you added absolutely nothing to this moment? And if you would be totally ok with it?….Let’s experience it right now.. exactly this moment, with what you are doing, not doing, or supposed to be doing. STOP! And let it be and happen. For a couple of seconds at least, stop judging anything and observe just as it is, comes and goes…Try for 2-5 seconds to start with, after that the mind will kick in again, that’s fine, with practise you will manage longer

I really enjoyed an interview with my friend Gary Goldberg on his “In the Spirit” radio show based in New York. Gary’s a wise and kind man – and he’s great at linking spiritual teachings to his own experience. We focused a lot on being in the present moment. Here’s what we talked about…The Seven GuidelinesThe importance of being in the Present Moment.Links between the books Being Present & Living a Life of Harmony.The Process (the universal process we’re all a part of) and how it contains intelligence to guide humans so they can be psychologically at peace and aligned with what the universe requires of them.Bringing a kindly acceptance to physical and emotional pain.Resisting the present moment is saying “no” to the universe – you suffer every time! It causes stress and we become lost in thought. It’s better to say “yes”!The best thing we can do is to accept where we are – then influence things positively for the future. The importance of communicating skilfully rather than blurting out whatever pops into our mind.Awareness and acceptance allows us to skilfully communicate what’s helpful.The only way to guarantee true skilful communication is through being in the present moment.Everything is conditioned and all a part of The Process. It’s infinite in terms of time – there’s no beginning or end to it. It’s also infinite in terms of depth. Scientists will never get to the bottom of what’s going on!You cannot wrap your mind around The Process – it’s too big.The Guidelines help you operate intelligently within The Process.The intelligence within The Process guides our actions when we’re present and open to being directed.If you were permanent connected to the intelligence with The Process you wouldn’t need the guidelines. However, because most of us are disconnected for much of the day, it’s good to have the guidelines embedded in our memory so they can be followed subconsciously.The guidelines can be recited daily to help us to remember and follow them.The Process provides us with feedback. It rewards us when we’re following The Guidelines and corrects us when we’re disregarding them. If we don’t respond to a correction from the Process it will intensify the correction until we take action. Ideally, we should take action from the correction as early as possible – then we suffer less!The importance of connection between people and how being lost in thought separates us.The Process enjoys human beings connecting. The Process wants to connect everybody and everything together harmoniously – this is evolution.