Grounding meditation to cultivate strength, peace, hope, faith and kindness during the Coronavirus pandemic. Begins with gentle breath awareness followed by a loving kindness meditation. Designed to help you transition skilfully through challenging times.

In Buddhist teachings, compassion is described as a “quivering of the heart” in response to suffering. Compassion awakens as we allow ourselves to be touched by our shared vulnerability – our own, or that of another. It’s the medicine we most need to bring healing to our world.

A podcast introducing loving kindness practice with a 15-minute guided meditation

The loving kindness guided meditation starts at 4 minutes from the beginning of the podcast or MP3
Mindfulness and kindness go together hand-in-hand
In order to be kind, considerate, friendly and generous we need to be aware and accepting of our own inner experience, and the experience of our environments
Also considerate of what’s going on beyond our immediate environments
Act with kindness, considering everyone and everything – is one the 7 Guidelines to Cultivate Peace & Kindness from the book Living a Life of Harmony
If you already have a regular mindfulness meditation practice e.g. like a breathing meditation, you may want to try doing practicing kindness meditation every other time you meditate or on a weekly basis
In my experience, and that of others I know, loving kindness meditation works really well
It programs your mind (like self-hypnosis) so that you’re automatically and spontaneously more kind to yourself and other people
You can’t really plan to be truly kind, but you can plan to cultivate kindness, so it flows from you spontaneously and integrates into your behaviours and approach
Most people are kind sometimes and not at other times
We’re all “works in progress” and we need to work on cultivating kindness in the same way that we need to work on cultivating mindfulness and concentration