Ali Fateh from ReviveFM London kindly invited me to an interview on his show to discuss mindfulness. He’d done plenty of research on the subject and asked some far-reaching questions. Here are some of the areas we explored…

How I discovered mindfulness and what motivated me to make it a central part of my life.
How it can be harder to be mindful with close family members and friends.
What’s the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
How can mindfulness make a difference for people with mental illness?
Why therapeutic/psychological support may need to be used in parallel with mindfulness and meditation
How being mindful removes psychological stress and suffering
How mindfulness leads to skilfulness
Ethics surrounding applying mindfulness for productivity in business or using it for egoic reasons
Why businesses are interested in mindfulness
What are people’s motives for going onto mindfulness courses?
How using mindfulness selfishly can lead to altruism
How mindfulness integrates with religion
Do you need to be spiritual to practice mindfulness?
What are the different types of meditation to cultivate mindfulness?
Are there meditations that are unrelated to mindfulness?
What are the trending areas of mindfulness?