Spiritual Practice is actively cultivating our connection to the spiritual dimension – what we can do to become more “spiritual”. People refer to this dimension with many labels like higher consciousness, spirit, Presence or God.

The three foundations for spiritual practice are: Life Conditions, Mindfulness and Faith. All three foundations are required to cultivate our spirituality.

It was a delight to interview Gary Hill. Now here’s a man who’s transforming his life through mindfulness. It’s inspiring how much progress he’s made in the short space of a few months. And I feel honoured and grateful to be a part of his journey. I hope you enjoy listening to our discussion!

I’m excited to be writing an album of spiritual songs during 2019 titled “Do It While You Can”. Here’s the studio version of the first song – “Listen”. Many thanks and credits to Josh from Attic Studios, Poole, UK who patiently and skilfully mixed and produced the audio.

Transform your practice by learning about the 3 Approaches to Cultivating Mindfulness+ in this short podcast. The 3 Approaches are:

1. Structured Practice
2. Everyday Activities
3. Changing Life Conditions

An explanation of how you can use Mindfulness to heal emotional pain and evolve spiritually.

In this concise TEDx YouTube video, author and lecturer Steve Taylor cleverly and humorously explains why a sense of purpose has such powerful mental and physical benefits. These include longevity, motivation, direction, resilience and positivity.

Acceptance is a key part of  mindfulness practice. This talk was originally broadcast on Facebook Live (video link here) explains what acceptance is and how to cultivate more of it.

I’ve set an intention for 2019 to write an album of spiritual songs. Here’s the first – “Listen” – and here are the lyrics…

Listen, you’ll hear me
Quiet, in silence
Together, I’ll be there
And one – is always

There’s a space in your mind
Allowing you to be kind
And it’s peace that lives there
A gentle hum connecting you to the one
And your thoughts all disappear

Through breathing, you’ll know it
Your breathing, there’s space there
Relaxing, you’ll find me
You’re conscious, connected

There’s a space in your mind
Allowing you to be kind
And it’s peace that lives there
A gentle hum connecting you to the one
And your thoughts all disappear

Listen, listen, you’ll hear me

Practical guidance on mindfulness and being in the present moment. I introduce the Two Modes of the Mind: “Lost in thought” and “Being Present”. One of the main goals of spiritual practice is to move from the former to the latter. The practical Four A’s framework (Awareness, Acceptance, Appropriate Action) is then introduced showing the two paths that lead from the two modes of the mind.

Introduction to the Four Realms: Physical, Digital, Dream and Spiritual. This podcast was recorded fresh from after my bath where the idea became conscious – so it’s a ramble! I hope you find it interesting and useful.

Introduction to meditation covering definition, technique, practice, teacher / teachings, posture, duration, location, energy, frequency and managing hindrances. Helpful for beginners and advanced practitioners.

I introduce the concept of mindfulness as described in my book Being Present. The subjects of awareness and acceptance are discussed along with a brief mindfulness meditation session to aid learning.

Accompanying notes available at

How Mindfulness+ can be used to help gain freedom and cultivate peace at times when you’re facing uncertainty or challenges in relation to health and death.

Audio and slide show of my workshop at the British Wheel of Yoga Well Being Festival at Warwick University during March 2018. 

The talk covers the following topics:

My personal journey
The Goal of Yoga / Yoga Sutras
Meditation including hindrances
Two modes of the mind
Definition of spiritual practice
The four A’s model

Read my interview with Prox Centauri on his site Inside The Rift where he asks me these questions…

I recently returned from an annual skiing holiday with my son. We’ve been going skiing for many years now and have a wonderful time. Nature, mountain air, lots of food and physical exercise leaving our bodies feeling nourished and stronger. The spiritual aspect to the holiday is always both challenging and revealing. If you have a spiritual practice these regular events provide an effective gauge informing you of how you are progressing…. Read More

The Bhagavad Gita, a popular Hindu and yoga scripture, has a lot to say about activities that need to be done – ‘the what’. In addition, it provides guidance on how we should do them – ‘the how’. The teachings describe a practice called karma yoga, which is undertaking activities unselfishly, without being attached to the results.

Psychologically speaking, consciousness refers to awareness. When we’re conscious, we’re aware of our experience. Both within and outside of us. This includes bodily sensations, things coming in through the senses, feelings and thoughts. We then have mindfulness, which is consciousness plus acceptance. When we are mindful we accept what we are conscious of. Regardless of whether we find it pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Through accepting what we are conscious of, we align ourselves with what is.

Once we realise that who we are is the awareness (the plus in the Mindfulness+) and not the actual experience, we have complete freedom! Regardless of what happens to us. And the good news is that through Mindfulness+, a natural consequence is that our life experience improves on the whole.

Is it possible to be happy all the time? No, absolutely not. Why is that? Simple…because happiness is based on conditions. You get something that you desire and you experience happiness. You move away from something that you dislike and that may make you happy…for a while. Happiness comes and goes for all sorts of reasons.

What is available permanently for those who are able to access it is “peace”.