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Jennie Hastings is a good friend of mine. It was a pleasure to connect with her to discuss spiritual life inside and outside of an ashram environment. There are lots of tips for spiritual practice in this video and audio interview. I met Jennie at the beautiful Bahamas Sivananda Ashram. Here’s what we discussed…

It was a blessing to have the opportunity to speak with Rev. Paul John Roach on his Unity Online Radio World Spirituality Show in the summer of 2018.

Paul has a thorough understanding of many of the subject areas I cover in my teachings. He also has a very broad knowledge of spiritual teachings from many religions and philosophies, which all made for a really interesting and progressive discussion.

Here are some of the subject areas from the interview:

* Integrating teachings from different religions and philosophies
* The six characteristics of Presence
* Addictions
* We don’t exist!
* Two modes of the mind
* The Process
* Mindfulness+
* The ego
* Hindrances to being present
* Simplicity
* My book “Being Present”

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I was thrilled to receive an invitation to be interviewed by Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show with over one million archived listeners in over ninety countries! It was a humbling experience in many ways. Sister Jenna has incredible clarity and awareness – you can hear that within her voice. I very much enjoyed our connection and the questions she asked. Here are some of the things we discussed:

* How I got started with meditation and spiritual practice.
* Using Stop -> Check -> Use to enable conscious digital usage of your devices e.g. phones and tablets.
* Creating a habit to choose to be mindful.
* Using reminders to help you remember to be mindful.
* Was I present when I was writing “Being Present”?
* Let’s be honest – most of the time I’m lost in my thoughts!
* Staying mindful through nourishing activities
* Why your life conditions are so important in being mindful
* The relationship between simplicity, spaciousness and mindfulness
* We do not need to expect to be perfect all the time – it’s natural to be lost in thought – mindfulness is a ‘practice’

It was an honour to be interviewed on the Fire It UP with CJ Radio Show in summer 2018. I didn’t realise talking about spiritual teachings could be so much fun! Haha. We covered:

* How can you be more present throughout your day from waking to sleeping?
* Why is it important to be aware, accept, and engage in appropriate action?
* How do you know if you are resisting and not accepting “what is”?
* How can being present connect you with the flow of life and it’s divine wisdom, love, and beauty?
* Lots of mindfulness tips.
* Link to YouTube video at

Here’s an interview with Erica Longdon on 12Radio from the summer of 2018. We discussed the book, Being Present, focusing on addictions, sleep, the different components of spiritual practice, and how people relate to religion. I also shared plenty of helpful mindfulness tips and advice.