Are you ever tempted? A key part of spiritual practice is working with temptation. In this talk, I offer 7 tips to help you manage personal temptations and desires. Leading to a more skilful and harmonious life.

A new daily meditation – ‘Meditate and Manifest’. Designed to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation, and also offer you a manifestation practice.

Have you ever explored the practice of prayer and contemplated how it integrates with mindfulness? In this video and podcast I interview Tom Davenport, community worker and preacher from Lansdowne Church in Bournemouth, UK. Tom offers a Christian view on how to pray using Jesus’ teachings on The Lords Prayer as a base. At various points during the interview I link the Christian teachings to mindfulness practice and other spiritual teachings you’ll find on this site.

Have you ever been curious about the meaning of life? What your meaning is and why meaning is so important? And how that relates to meditation and mindfulness? If so, have a listen to this interview I held with my friend and spiritual teacher Olivia Shone.